Backroads Photography Cupar, Saskatchewan

Specializing in all season outdoor photography

Backroads Photography  Cupar, Saskatchewan

Autumn is in full swing! Now is the time to get some great outdoor portraits done! Beautiful fall clours and amazing sunsets, they will be gone in a blink of an eye! Cooler weather is here, so there is time to get the family together and capture memories. With thankgiving right around the corner why not surprise someone with a special portrait of their loved one? Have you just moved on and starting a new chapter of your life? Why not trash that graduation, wedding or other formal dress, its another year older and so are you.  Let go of the past and have a blast while getting some unforgettable photos! We can trash it a lot or just go places that it may be slightly damaged!. 

When your family was gathered at Christmas, remembering the great times back on the family farm did you consider doing a  "memory" shoot.  That old barn will not last forever, the landscape is always changing.   This can be done at the abandoned homestead or a vibrant growing farming/ranching operation.  It can be done with family portraits taken or just a "historical type" shoot.  I spend the afternoon with you exploring the land and taking photos of buildings, landscapes, that old "swimming hole" and all the details that makes your rural roots special. They often last two or three hours sometimes longer, I often get caught exploring new places.  Pack a picnic and a few cold drinks, there is nothing better than an afternoon of relaxing with special memories.  These make great gifts for older family members and a wonderful chance to rekindle the stories forgotten for many years.  One of the greatest gifts your can pass on to your children is the gift of knowing where they came from. Contact me for pricing since every session is different.  Can't wait to hear from you!

Book now for graduations!   Why wait until Graduation Day for your portraits to be taken?  Why not do a pre-grad or "SR." photoshoot?  These are so much fun!  You choose several different looks and your favorite things to remember your high school memories, sports gear, pets, cars or whatever you want!  These are to showcase you and your personality, of course we will still do some tradtional stuff!  They can be studio, outdoor or a mix of both!  These can be taken in any season, grade twelve lasts all year, think of frosty trees and snow, or the colours of fall.  Girls, why not "Rock Your Dress"!!  These can be taken before graduation or after graduation when it is okay if you get a little crazy while wearing "the dress"!  For even more fun why not schedule a "TRASH THE DRESS" session doing something that you love, at the beach, out on the quad, ar anything that you can imagine! Traditional family photos taken Graduation Day are important as well but why not have some unique photos taken on a day when your are not feeling stressed or rushed and your true personality shines the brightest!   Be creative!! Now booking for graduation 2015 several days  have only a few spots left!

I love doing portraits of all teens!  Why  settle for a typical headshot without any personality?  Sometimes it takes awhile to get  that attitude coaxed out, but when I do, it becomes a portrait.  It is a memory of one of the most exciting times of your childs life, those teenage years that disappear all to fast!  Don't get frustrated trying to get some candids of a sulking teen, leave the work to me and you will be amazed at the difference!

After years of always having my camera in hand I decided to act on my dream and take my love of photography to the next level and created "Backroads Photography" in Cupar Saskatchewan.  As the name implies, I love outdoor photography!  Nothing can capture the true personality of your family like having a portrait taken in a place chosen by you. It just might be the backyard or somewhere that has a special place such as the family homestead, cabin at the lake or a local historical sight.  You choose the place to make your portraits meaningful and unique.  If help is needed with ideas I will be more than willing to guide you to that perfect spot.  I like to know in advance the location so I know what the lighting will be like or anything else I need to be aware of before I arrive.  You are responsible for obtaining permission for the location if required.  A second location needs to be considered in case of bad weather (a church basement or other  gathering place works great). I have lighting for indoor photography, but I need to have lots of room to set up backdrops and lighting. My sessions are never rushed and actually turn into a great time (even for those who hate the camera)!  Now that I have your attention and you are thinking of places to capture your family memories, please browse my galleries to see how other families have made their portrait sessions unique and meaningful for them and those they love.  The galleries will always be growing so please check back often!